Comparing Recruitment/Talent Partnerships to Building Blocks

A behind the scenes look at what happens when big kids get blocks…

Affi Khan ordered his kids a present to lift their spirits and keep them busy during Lockdown 2.0 – but I was too nosey and intercepted before they could get home.

We got a bit carried away, comparing Recruitment/Talent Partnerships to building blocks, but we think that the analogy works PERFECTLY!

So here it is; the house that talent built.

Jokes aside, we feel really passionate about this; the talent in a business is its greatest asset and a strong talent strategy on attraction, acquisition, on boarding, retention, engagement, succession (and yes off boarding too) are vital if a company wants to become a true talent factory…

Companies use experts like lawyers, accountants and advisors all the time, yet, if talent is your greatest asset, shouldn’t a talent partner be a key advisor for companies too?

What do you guys think, recruitment and LEGO – an analogy too far, or spot on? – Nicole T

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