Getting Your Tackling Stats Up

Imagine Harry Maguire saying “I’m getting my tackling stats up, boss!” 🧐⚽️

Misaligned recruitment KPIs, they really are a waste of time 🤦‍♂️

The customer’s journey is not this mechanical. It’s rarely the same, we are dealing with people not things! 🤝

So why do so many recruiters have the same KPI targets on a weekly basis? Just get to Friday and hit reset and go again next week. 🤯

No! ❌

Recruitment businesses and consultants should adapt their methodologies and look at it in a different way – rather than just generating numbers and churning the same KPIs week in, week out.

At CPL UK – Tech & Health we have a different mindset, we look at it like a sprint and see where the pain points are RIGHT NOW for our customers and how we can assist them as a talent partner.

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