The Virtual Careers Fair

Getting caught up in the whirlwind surrounding us is one thing, but taking no action is another. At Cpl specialist talent we are in a position of responsibility to help those who need our support and while we have the opportunity, we wanted to do something positive to support the technology and sales community in the UK.

We can’t offer any medical support, what with us being recruiters, not doctors, but we can help upskill the talented folk in our networks and support our connections and our clients by reconnecting them and bringing some positivity back to the jobs market. We’ve cleared our consultants’ diaries for 2 days in order to lend our insight and advice to the job seekers who need our support now more than ever. We have seen an extraordinary number of people, who through no fault of their own, have found themselves on the job market and more than anything, need a leg up.

Sooo … on the 22nd and 23rd of April, from 8.30 until 6.30 our specialists consultants are offering their advice on a whole range of topics to help get people back into work; interview and video interviewing tips, CV reviewing, advice on navigating your next career move, and preferred accreditations in a range of specialist fields from data, cybersecurity, infrastructure, cloud & all the sales specialities associated with these tech subdivisions and all for free!

We also know that advice on these areas is only half what’s needed, we are giving insight into current opportunities on the jobs market and will support applications to our existing client base that are still hiring, many of which are exciting businesses in the tech space hiring exclusively with us.

We’re here to help you sharpen your axe and to get back into the game, we are proactively engaging with clients and hiring for candidates in a number of sectors and have the resources to help you successfully prepare, interview and start a new job (and do it all remotely). Interested?

Good. Register here and book a slot with one of our specialist consultants, able to offer you tailored advice at your level of experience and assist with getting back into work.

We’re not quite saving the world. But it’s close.

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